Audio V/s Video Consultation: Which One to Opt For?

With the advancement in technology, online medical consultation has bridged the barrier of distance by virtually connecting patients with top-notch specialists. Confidential audio and video consultations with experienced medical practitioners are now just a few clicks away! Specializing in fields like general medicine, cardiology, psychiatry, dermatology and speech therapy to name a few, the qualified practitioners can be consulted even from remote locations.

Tele-medicine has paved a way for healthcare by providing easy access to one and all – regardless of their geographical location. In the modern world of at home service, tele-consultation brings forth convenience at the comfort of your home. Professional medical practitioners can now be consulted over audio or video calls. Depending upon the kind of medical assistance one requires, one can opt for either of these tele-consultation services. Let’s have a look at the various diseases and the specific types of consultations that come in handy.

Audio Consultation


A sudden pain or discomfort in the chest might be a sign of cardiovascular disease. Consulting a cardiologist on experiencing such abnormalities is imperative. An audio consultation with a cardiologist can serve you remedies with symptoms like tightness or burning sensation in the chest, indigestion, shortness of breath, fatigue and excessive sweating. Before prescribing you any medication, the cardiologist will:

  • Suggest you a healthy lifestyle
  • Evaluate any heart-related test reports
  • Check your family history for heart diseases
  • Suggest any treatment changes (if required)


Nowadays, due to the increased work-life stress, a healthy diet seems to lag far behind in the race of necessities! In such a scenario, an online audio dietician consultation is a blessing for those aiming to shed or gain some extra kilos to maintain a healthy weight. Experts in dietetics will provide you suggestions on leading a healthy and nutritious life by serving you remedies for:

  • Thyroid and PCOD
  • Allergies and intolerances
  • Hypertension and cholesterol
  • Unique lifestyle and nutritional needs

Video Consultation


A skin specialist recommends medication depending upon the severity of your condition. If you wish to consult a dermatologist, then video dermat consultation is the way to go. Here, your doctor will be able to see what issues you are facing with your skin and hair. This will enable them to understand your case better and prescribe you medication about external lotion and cream recommendations, internal medicines and any other skin related issues.


Sound mental and emotional health is critical for an individual’s well-being. If you’re someone experiencing even minor signs associated with mental health problems, do not ignore them at any cost! These are warning signs indicating that you need help. If you are hesitant in meeting them in person, you now have online psychiatrist video consultation to the rescue. A video consultation with a psychiatrist will give you the feel of someone sitting in front of you and listening to all that you have to say. You’ll not feel aloof when you have a face to face conversation with the doctor.

Online consultation is indeed the need of the hour. At Healpha, we seek to develop innovative healthcare solutions to provide our patients with holistic, accessible and affordable healthcare. Check our website to know more about the services we offer and book your appointment today!

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