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How does Healpha help the community?

Healpha Community aims to build a healthy & prosperous country with it’s Community care healthcare solutions. Healpha’s Preventive health checkups for communities help early detection of ailments thus enabling prevention.

Helpaha’s Virtual clinic solutions – Heath Kiosk, – Clinic in a Box, – Pocket Clinic enable e 24×7 medical care through self service or assisted services with a nurse / paramedic and connect to a health hub such as a hospital or doctors. The connected technology helps connect patients with doctors.

Community Health Check up provides the following:


Basic Health


and EHRs

Continued Care
(Tele Consultation)

Health Check-up for Mass Gatherings

As pilgrims travel for Hajj & Arbaeen, a complete health checkup is mandatory. We have done projects for Hajj & Arbaeen pilgrims in Telangana state in India.
This solution can be used for any mass gatherings like Olympics, World cup, political congregations as well. It can be incorporated for health checkups in rural & urban areas. It helps to manage public/community health, with effective surveillance, monitoring and management.

Safe &
Organized Checkup


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