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Healpha health screening/check-up is on the basis of the specifications and recommendations of CBSE, NCERT, RBSK children’s health check-up guidelines. The guidelines are formed based on the inputs of WHO, NHM, NRHM, CBSE, NCERT, RBSK etc.

Yes, the Central and State Govt. of India in line with WHO, NHM, MOHFW, NHM, NRHM, CBSE, NCERT, RBSK have put a comprehensive program to conduct children’s health screening on a yearly basis.

The Govt recommends a comprehensive Head to Toe checkup for all school going children, which comprises: Vitals, Dental, Vision, ENT, Hearing, Physical / Systemic, Ergonomic, Hygiene, Past history, Immunization records. The frequency is once in a year.
Yes, Healpha uses the latest IoT, PoC medical-grade devices. These devices are CE certified and also comply with medical-grade usage, which are used for professionals for medical use by HCPs i.e. Doctors, Clinics & hospitals.
Medical devices are allowed to be sold in India only after getting requisite testing and passing the field trials. Even imported medical devices have to obtain permissions by submitting the field test results and compliance. All these devices have to meet the quality standards (precision & repeatability) stipulated for the respective devices and their usage.
For conducting the recommended screening / check-up, the team must comprise a qualified MBBS Doctor, Dentist, Optometrist, Nurses.
The qualification for the doctor is MBBS or higher degree. For Dentist BDS or higher degree. For Vision screening Optometrist or Nurse. Qualified Nurses for vitals, and other screening.
Yes, every child will get a Health screening report, it will be available on the Mobile App, the child / parents will have secured access to the App.
Yes, the data is secure. The application is on AWS secure servers. The system is encrypted for security. The children / parents can access only their data. The school has access on the Portal / App for data reporting and analysis.
There is a nutrition module, which has a questionnaire – the system correlates this information with the health data and makes recommendations. It has a Growth Monitor which is a WHO based To-Be roadmap for children’s growth standards and one can compare his / her growth wrt the standard. It sends / notifies vaccination reminders based on WHO vaccination schedule guidelines. One can find HCPs i.e. Doctors / Clinics (registered Doctors / Clinics) in their vicinity to get medical help. One can track the progress of the health; use it as personal health (PHR / EMR) records management system.
The child/parent/school (boarding/hostel) can share the reports to a Healpha network doctor through the App. alternately they can share the reports in the form of .pdf thru email / whatsapp.
The school has to identify a coordinator for this program, who shall be the bridge between school and Healpha team. The school has to provide the children’s data at least 1 week in advance in the template provided by the Healpha team. Provide a place for conducting the check-up, with tables, chairs, power, for 6 – 7 stations, waiting benches etc. Send communication to all children and obtain consent, communicate the check-up dates etc. Ensure children are available on time to complete the check-ups – 8am to 3pm with 30 mins lunch break and 2 tea breaks. Coordinate with class teachers to get children in an orderly manner class by class. Coordinate arrangements along with the Healpha team.

This is good for the success of the program. The Doctor and Nurse should participate in the program; it will help them know the condition of the children. The latest technology will help them identify problems more accurately. They will be able to help the children better.

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