Children are the most magical creatures that light up the faces of people around them. During the phase of the growth of children, the milestone seems to fly past in the blink of an eye. While a child grows, he/she imitates and learns from the social actions which mandate his/her concerning healthcare. Is your child being aggressive, facing social withdrawal, or stressed all the time? Improper childcare might be the cause of such serious instilled emotions. 

As per the reports of the World Health Organization (WHO), in the year 2020, a count of 149 million children below the age of 5 was stunted; an estimation of 45 million was below the standard height, and 38.9 million were overweight. These devastating figures raise concerns for child health and development.

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What Affects the Growth of a Child?

Growth and development is a prolonged process that begins at the early stages and plays a vital role in shaping the lives of humans. The cumulative effects of internal and external factors lead to a disturbed body mass index (BMI) in children. 

Here are the factors affecting the growth of a child.


Exercising doesn’t always refer to emphasizing or indulging the child in physical activities. To keep them physically active, casual playtime is effective to stimulate their to boost the effectiveness of mind and body. The human body is adaptable to building resistance by exposing it to microbes in the outdoor functional area. Outdoor sporting increases the immune efficiency in children thereby preventing allergies. 


Nutrition is the prime factor for enhanced child health careAccording to the Global Hunger Index 2020 (calculated on the basis of undernourished population, stunting, wasting, and child mortality rate), India is positioned at 94 in the queue of 107 countries. Malnutrition is the cause of deficiency diseases while excessive eating results in obesity and severe health issues in children. A balanced diet rich in vitamins, proteins, minerals, and carbohydrates fetches the brain and body of the child. 


Confining one’s mind to bookish learning refrains them from broadening their approach to social acceptance. Intellectual, emotional, and social learning activates the cognitive functioning of the growth of the children. However, the process is effective with the reinforcement of the exercised activities.

Tips for Healthy Growth of a Child

  • Ensure your child eats the right way to trigger the human growth hormone (HGH) for wholesome growth. 
  • Expose your child to a comfortable and positive environment to instill social and emotional skills to promote mental well-being.
  • Good sleep is of utmost importance and that’s the time of extreme hormonal stimulation. Schedule the sleep for golden sleeping hours.

Wrapping Up

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