Healpha Helps to Reduce COVID Linked Fatalities for Hyderabad Police

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Hyderabad, Telangana, India (NewsVoir)

Healpha, a people centric – connected healthcare platform, joins hands with the Hyderabad City Security Council (HCSC) to render close monitoring of health of COVID positive personnel’s to decrease fatalities. Healpha enables a comprehensive management of connected healthcare devices optimally utilizing smart phones through its companion app. Its features include Teleconsulting & monitoring by Physicians, Frequent monitoring and checks remotely through the app by paramedics and Nurses.

Shikha Goel, IPS, Addl. Commissioner of Police, Hyderabad City, (Crimes & SIT) in one of her tweets commented, “Had a wonderful review session with a great set of Doctors and NGOs. Our tie up with Healpha helped provide close monitoring of health of our COVID positive personnel to ensure zero fatalities. We believe such community apps are important for society at large.”

Link of the Tweet: twitter.com/AddlCPCrimesHyd/status/1396072545980276738?s=08.

Raj J, Founder & CSO of Healpha was happy to note that, “The very fact that our platform has been successful in enablement of one of our largest COVID Warriors – the Police System, allows us to not only prove our merit, but also signifies its importance in daily life. We have treated thousands of patients during the COVID 2nd wave where our platform has been instrumental in empowerment of people against casualties.”

Healpha is working aggressively to counter COVID along with Satsang COVID voluntary Medical Service, Help Hyderabad NGO for its COVID centers, clinics, home care with tele and remote care, Trust for Community Initiatives on similar lines, India COVID Support, Rnisarg Foundation, Support for Sohagpur Village and much more.

Healpha can be easily downloaded on individual smart phones and the services availed for schools, corporations, communities or even individuals. It can help deliver safe, efficient and cost-effective care. It enables all stakeholders to access health data easily while ensuring privacy. It helps improve the quality and outcomes of health and social care.

About Healpha

Founded in the year 2017, Healpha is more than just a medical support app. Under dedicated leadership and strong management, Healpha has evolved as a reliable source through its apps, providing the highest quality standards of medical treatment to all sections of the society. Since its inception, Healpha has grown with their inspiring leadership and unflagging work style. The dedicated team of medical experts evaluates a patient’s condition & provides accurate diagnosis with their experience. The organisation takes the utmost care of patients & ensures that it provide high quality service & empower their recovery journey holistically and in totality. Healpha provides support for a wide range of medical challenges even beyond COVID.

Find more information, at: healpha.com.

Image 1: Dr. Varsha doing Tele Consultation

Image 2: Dr. Vijay Shekher doing remote COVID care


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