HYDERABAD: With remote healthcare becoming the norm after Covid-19 pandemic, a number of platforms have been developed to facilitate virtual health services.

Hyderabad-based Consent Solutions, a T-Hub incubated startup, has created Healpha which provides services based on a subscription model and HaaS (Health as a Service).

Talking about the services they provide, Raj J, founder and CSO of Healpha, said: “Our app features services customised for schools, corporate companies and communities. For schoolchildren, we provide ‘Head to Toe’ health screening and proactive health management. Incorporate companies, we take care of employees’ health and wellness right from the pre-employment check-up, annual health check-ups to wellness management. Our community health programme has been benefiting villages, gated communities, apartment complexes and residential welfare associations, serving all age groups from paediatrics to geriatrics. Nursing, paramedic, doctor and remote specialised services are part of the programme.”

“Besides these, the platform provides users safe and secure teleconsultation and telemonitoring. Our Covid Homecare feature had over 98 per cent success in curing Covid patients at a fraction of the market cost, saving time and money,” the founder added. The platform, launched in 2019, has around 1.5 lakh subscribers web users, and their app has seen more than 2,000 downloads.

Founded by Ajei Shekher, Srinivasa Raghavan, Raj and Rahul Parnami, the company has Dr Vijay Janapareddy as their medical advisor.

When asked how their product scores over similar ones in the market, Raj said: “It connects with medical IoT devices, thus making medical care more accurate, faster and affordable. Our guides with embedded medical or domain knowledge help medical staff and patients with better diagnosis, and thus better treatment and outcomes. The AI components help junior doctors or paramedics with in-built domain knowledge. Another unique feature is that the hands-free user interface helps doctors write an electronic prescription on the fly, while their hands are engaged with patient examination, stethoscopes or other medical devices. Secure health records are available for patients and medical staff at the click of a button.”