Healpha School Health Programme finds 17% kids have BP related issues

HYDERABAD: A new study which was done on nearly 64,000 children from four States of AP, Telangana, Karnataka, and Maharashtra, found that 17 per cent of all tested children suffer from blood pressure disorders. The 18-month long study was conducted by the Healpha School Health Programme, wherein health screening of children in the age group of three to 18 years was done before Covid-19 pandemic hit the world.

According to the report, BP was more common in boys, with 9 per cent having BP issues as against 8 per cent of girls. The report says it is likely due to lack of breathing exercises, exposure to smoking and poor respiratory health. “High blood pressure in children is a growing health problem, which is often unheeded and worse – unidentified. This report is a reality check for parents, teachers, and the government,” said Raj Janapareddy, Founder & CSO, Healpha.

He further stated, “Our tests have shown us that only 0.0018 per cent of our children are in perfect health condition. If we extrapolate this data, we as a country are looking at only 4,885 perfectly healthy citizens from a population of 26.5 crore,” he added. Apart from BP, majority of the children had an issue of high/low BMI. About 71 per cent of boys screened had BMI issues compared to 60 per cent of the girls screened.  The study also found that 11 per cent of kids are suffering from myopia and 20 per cent from dental cavities.