COVID-19: A Guide to Protecting Children from the 3rd Wave

Although the pandemic situation in India is improving, experts worry about the third wave, like the second, would be equally disastrous for youngsters. According to scientists, the third wave of Corona is inevitable, and the symptoms of the third wave of Covid, the Delta variant, are likely to be worse than the symptoms of the first two waves of Covid. Fortunately enough, there are steps we can do to reduce the impact of the Delta variant and keep our little munchkins safe. 

Let’s dive into the expert tips and tricks NOW! 

The most difficult task during the third wave will not be diagnosing or treating COVID among youngsters. Other diseases including dengue, typhoid, MIS-C, flu-like illnesses, and malaria, which seem to be spreading swiftly this year, might hamper the diagnosis. During the third wave, the medical community will face a problem in distinguishing COVID fever from other probable consequences and treating them appropriately.

Here are some essential child protection guides for keeping your children safe during these unprecedented times.

  • When coughing or sneezing, stay away from ill patients and shield your mouth. Don’t trust any information you find on social media. Only use information from reputable and trustworthy sources. Do not be influenced by viral remedies with no scientific backing.
  • As parents, you must ensure that all of your older family members are vaccinated against Covid-19. If you are vaccinated, you are unlikely to infect the other youngsters in the house.
  • If any family members are showing signs of Covid-19, such as coughing, fever, or body ache, keep them away from the children, otherwise, they will get the virus.
  • Don’t overlook sanitizing surfaces that children commonly contact, such as doorknobs, handles, faucets, and even furniture.
  • Make sure your kids eat a well-balanced diet that includes all of the vital nutrients. Include fresh fruits and vegetables in their diet to help strengthen their immunity. Spicy, junk, oily, sugary, processed, and salty foods might deplete your child’s immune system.
  • Vaccination for your children should not be postponed or skipped. Avoid going out with your children in crowded areas. Keep the number of visitors at home to a minimum. To assist your children to avoid boredom, keep them busy at home with hobbies such as painting, dancing, or gardening. You can also work out with your children at home to keep them fit and healthy.

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