Working During Pregnancy: The Health Concerns

Pregnancy is the phase of fostering two lives together. The trimester of the pregnancy period can be exciting and frightening at the same time. Giving birth to a child can be a merrier moment in the life of women but surviving this strenuous phase is of equal importance. Within the maternity period, a women’s body lives through various physical changes such as weight gain, enlarged uterus, morning sickness, bleeding gums, and more. 

At certain times, these visible changes exhaust the body while some women see these as welcoming changes. For the working class of women, pregnancy turns more challenging and problematic for work-life balance. The World Bank reveals that the involvement of women in the workplace is 19.9% as of 2020 stats. 

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Jobs that might Raise Concerns for Pregnancy

Desk jobs

Usually, desk jobs are considered safe during pregnancy as it mitigates extreme physical participation. With the progressive trimesters, there is excessive fluid buildup in the body. Consequently, it increases the chances of developing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (a condition in which women experience tingling, pain, and numbness majorly in hand).

With changing postures, the body might experience severe strain in the back, neck, and shoulder. To reduce such complexities, Healpha bridges the gap between care seekers and givers. 

Prolonged standing at work

Pregnancy increases the weight of the body thereby pressurizing the back and legs. During the late pregnancy, standing for long at work lowers the blood flow to the fetus. Minimized blood flow impedes the growth of the baby. 

For consistent blood flow in the human body, take frequent breaks and sit with your feet up to extenuate the pressure on the legs and back.

Heavy labor jobs

Heavy lifting, pulling, pushing, or other physical labors are tedious jobs for pregnant women. Such physically demanding jobs result in premature babies, miscarriage, and high blood pressure in mothers. 

The development of pregnancy symptoms like fatigue, dizziness, and nausea can trigger women’s health during such testing times. Weight gaining alters the center of gravity of thereby causing misbalance in the body. 

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Tips for a Healthy Maternity Period

Consuming healthy foods such as dairy products, sweet potatoes, eggs; low-calorie beverages like water, pomegranate, and watermelon juice supplies necessary nutrition to the baby.

If you are not highly engaged in physical activities, moderate to intense aerobic activity for 2.5 hours is recommended – U.S Department of Health and Human Services. 


Women’s health is the foremost concern during the pregnancy period. On top of that, the difficulties multiply for the working women. Frequent visits to the doctor can be taxing during and after the phase of pregnancy. Lower your concerns and amp up the excitement. Healpha provides an opportunity for online doctor consultation for pregnancy to lower your concerns and amp up the excitement.