Teleconsultation with Gynecologist

Our lifestyles and preferences have drastically changed since COVID-19 pandemic. Digitization has become an integral part of our life now- right from shopping groceries, to attending schools/ colleges and working from home! Healthcare has also witnessed such transformation. In the wake of the pandemic, people have largely kept themselves away from hospitals and other medical facilities due to the fear of contracting the deadly Coronavirus, and have started adopting digital treatment and are using tele-health apps now.

‘Teleconsultation’ is the term coined to define any type of healthcare consultation provided by Doctors to patients using Information and Communication Technology (ICT) tools. This type of consultation has seen an immense adoption in India and elsewhere due to the hassle-free, authorized and convenient healthcare service it provides during the pandemic. A recent survey revealed that over 70% of women had searched online for a Gynecologist consultation since the pandemic. The restrictions in visiting a Gynic directly has resulted in encouraging virtual telehealth consultations for multiple women health-related issues like irregular periods, menopause, pregnancy care, abnormal cervical mucus, hormone therapy, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), cramps, rashes etc., thereby resulting in co-creating a healthy work-life environment for every woman. During this phase, it is also noted that many people, especially women have suffered depression and stress as a result of the pandemic. Thankfully, telehealth has been the solution.  

Here are some of the most important benefits of an online gynecologist consultation

  • There are no long wait times

This is the greatest advantage of gynaecology consultation online. Online consultation is convenient because you need not call hospitals/ clinics to book an appointment and wait for the doctor to finish their ongoing appointment, and revert to you. With Teleconsultation, you have to simply pick up your phone, go to a telehealth website and search for the best Gynecologist, and book your appointment at a preferred time slot of any date!

  • Uncompromised privacy

Online consultations with Gynecologists are between you and your doctor. You can discuss any private matter with the doctor and can be sure that the discussions will be confidential.

  • Interactive consultation

An interactive consultation session is always a potential key for evaluating your health. Through teleconsultation apps, you can talk to your Doctor on a video call, audio calls and messages during your consultation.  This enhances the effectiveness of consultation.

  • Electronic Health Records – making medical records safe & secure!

Medical records will always help the Doctor know your health status and accordingly treat you. With digitization taken over traditional methods, storing your medical records online in secured cloud servers and accessing them for a lifetime whenever and from wherever is the new gimmick in the telehealth sector.

  • Super convenient follow-up sessions

Online appointments make it easy to schedule a follow-up consultation. The Gynecologist can access all your medical records online, and do a follow-up check of your health.