Address the Stress With Teleconsultation During Covid 19

Biomedical & healthcare research conducted by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has unveiled a multitude of trends and patterns that emerged with the deadly virus and its impact on people. Apart from causing physical damage to those affected by the intensity of the outbreak, COVID has had numerous devastating psychological impacts too. 

A 2020 study conducted by Globalization and Health reveals that people kept in prolonged isolation and quarantine experience a significant increase in their levels of stress, anxiety, confusion, and anger. Multiple other studies conducted during the same time span also indicate notable signs of mental trauma such as depression, mood swings, insomnia, irritability, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder among those affected by the virus. 

Amidst these testing times that demand staying indoors for safety purposes, physically visiting a psychiatrist for diagnosis and treatment comes as a true challenge for the majority of the population. This is where virtual doctor consultation and tele-mental healthcare come to the rescue. 

Virtual doctor consultation involves a video or phone call between the concerned patient and doctors. This technical approach has completely transformed the way we look at mental health care and treatment and has gained fame globally. Some of the reasons for the massive success of virtual healthcare stems from – 

Increased Access

Virtual doctor consultation puts mental health services within the reach of even those living in remote, rural, or fringe areas. Teleconsultation is godsent for those living in areas where mental health counselors and psychiatrists are scarce. And, even in correctional settings when the patient and doctor cannot be palpably sitting in front of each other. 

Timely Appointments

Mental health issues demand regular attention from professionals as well as immediate attention during unforeseen events of triggers. Virtual consultation is the easiest way to offer immediate help to the afflicted and their families. Oftentimes (and even when we were not grappling with a raging pandemic) patients with disorders and disabilities are uncomfortable with traveling. And, the current scenario definitely adds to the problem. Virtual appointments not only help limit the exposure to pathogens but also makes the patient feel at home (quite literally). With the prompt services from Helpha, you’ll get appointments scheduled timely with the best mental health practitioners in the country. No matter in which corner of the country you are in, you can seek help to manage your stress with just a few taps on the keyboard. 

Less Exposure to Infections

While treating one health issue, you surely wouldn’t want to catch another one. Virtual doctor consultation minimizes the chances of getting infected with the deadly virus. Your doctor will give you the required time and attention over a voice or video call. There, you can share your entire medical history with complete trust and unparalleled privacy.

Uncompromised Privacy

Speaking of privacy, a 2021 study conducted by American Psychiatry Association revealed that as many as 85% of psychiatrists saw new patients during this public health emergency (PHE). Moreover, 81% of these respondents also added that they see up to 100% of their patients virtually. One major reason behind availing of the virtual doctor consultation is the promise of uncompromised privacy. Your entire case remains fully confidential with your doctor and the records are well-maintained in their system. This also saves you from maintaining loose papers arranged in a file for future reference.

The  Public Health Emergency (PHE) has also elevated the number of patients seeking treatment for their stress and anxiety disorder as people get more and more aware of the nature of these vicious issues. And, telemedicine brings convenience to the table. 

Fading of the Age-old Stigma 

The stigma around mental health issues has been the most persistent barrier to individuals seeking help. This stigma is even more pronounced in rural and suburban areas, statistically speaking. Sometimes, patients are hesitant to visit clinics in the fear of being judged for being “crazy’ or “mad”. With the tele-mental healthcare services, patients can consult clinical mental health counselors from the comfort of their homes. Tele-conferencing eases out the anxiety and promotes acceptance for treatment.

With the advancement in technology, virtual medical consultation is dispelling the misplaced sense of embarrassment about seeking mental health services. At Healpha, we understand the compelling necessity of tele-mental healthcare. Our team of experts is available at your service 24*7. To know more, check out our website and schedule your appointment with a mental healthcare expert today!