Black Fungus – A Detailed View

On top of the raging pandemic, India has also been hit by an epidemic wave of black fungus or mucormycosis in 2021. The grim clutches of the infection took away millions of lives or imparted multiple chronic diseases. The impact of black fungus infection could be seen in the stats of death tolls climbing up the ladder everyday. A significant number of patients have managed to save their lives albeit with a compromised immune system.


Mucormycosis is a fungal infection that triggers the eyes, nose, and throat. Resultantly, the infected sites lead to necrotic blackening of the tissue. Although, it is a rare infection and proves to be fatal only under some circumstances, especially for those with a compromised immune system. Caused by a group of molds (called mucormycetes), upon the fungal invasion, pathogens colonize the blood vessels that result in thrombosis (blood clots) and necrosis (death of tissues).

How is mucormycosis affecting lives?

Fungus spores are omnipresent in the soil and vegetation. On inhalation of these spores, it resides into your system causing damaging effects to your organs. The intravenous transmission of the infection during drug intoxication or inadvertently during surgical settings in hospitals takes up the brutal form in the body. 

The necrotic tissues lead to a limited supply of oxygen to the blood and vital regulatory organs. 

Symptoms of Varying Mucormycosis

  • Black lesion on the surface of the nose – Indication of the initiating of the infection.
  • Bulging eyes – The swollen and bulging eyes is an alarm for the infection to affect the central nervous system (CNS). 
  • Fever, cough, chest pain, and oxygen shortage is an indication of pulmonary (lungs) mucormycosis. 
  • Abdominal pain, nausea, and gastrointestinal bleeding direct to be careful of the gastrointestinal mucormycosis. 

Severity of black fungus 

Diabetic patients are at higher risk of trapping into the fatality of mucormycosis. Diabetes enervates the immune system of the patients and their body is not capable of creating antibodies to fight against mucormycosis which leads to the severity. It is found to be aggressive, generating life-threatening symptoms in the body. 

Preventive medications

COVID-19 has led to the impairment of multiple organs and systems of the human body. Patients with existing severe diseases and those caught in the pandemic wave have jeopardized their lives. Based on the paper published in the peer-reviewed journal Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome: Clinical Research and Reviews states that COVID vaccination mitigated the effect of infection by 16% while the cases being mild. 

According to a survey conducted by the Health Ministry and Times of India report, the nation was startled with 45,374 black fungus and 4,332 death cases till July 2021. Well, timely prevention and care can save patients through surgical treatment. If the symptoms could be traced at the early stages, the fatality can be reduced or removed with antifungal medications like amphotericin-B.

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