Hospitals and health clinics are accustomed to diagnose, care, and provide medication to patients. During the first wave of COVID pandemic, people put off crucial visits to the doctor and medical centers even during emergencies, with the fear of attracting the viral infection due to its spread. 

Effect of Covid on Medical Practices

Assessing the functionality of the full-body, physical visits to a doctor are required every six months. Since the pandemic hit, medical practices have been hindered globally. Delaying the preventive measures for other health issues and timely care, might result in negative health outcomes. However, guidelines by WHO stated to maintain a distance from each other as the coronavirus is transmitted through inhalation of infected air. Ironically, visiting hospitals or clinics seemed more dangerous than ever. 

The Solution?? Get comprehensive online doctor consultations through Healpha from the comfort and safety of your home. And, get access to the best doctors from any corner of the country.  


The bubble of pollution we call home, poor lifestyle choice and stressful modern life has made us susceptible to hordes of ailments. And, these buggers won’t stay in quarantine even in the middle of the pandemic. Thankfully, you can now get regular checkups through advanced tele-medicine platforms like Healpha. Needed more reasons to schedule an appointment now? Here you go –  

  • Anticipation of health issues 

A routine check-up is done to diagnose specific health problems. Visiting a doctor for a sugar/cholesterol diagnosis warns you of the striving diabetes symptoms. 

  • Minimized health care costs

Routine check-ups reduce the risk of undergoing multiple surgeries. It eventually saves your money and prevents you from falling into chronic medical conditions in the long run. 

  • Diagnosis at the initial stage

Some life wriggling diseases like cancer can not be compromised to diagnose at later stages. Regular checkups ensure better treatment before it poses a high risk.  

  • Mitigated complications during treatment

Early diagnosis of medical conditions reduces the complexities and involved risks in medical emergencies. During the treatment of severe diseases, routine checkups help you recover from any health concerns and improve the functioning of the organs normally. 

  • Increased lifespan 

Consistent medical assistance assures you of your health condition. Timely preventive measures add minutes to your life. 

Consider a virtual visit or teleconsultation with Healpha

Being conscious of your health is necessary indeed. If you cannot make it to visit your doctor in person, society can leverage telehealth medication benefits virtually through Healpha. We are an intermediary platform to connect patients to certified healthcare professionals. We have successfully expanded our coverage to a wide network of doctors’ communities. They assist you in taking preventive measures even for COVID disease remotely at your convenience.

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