Why Is Pediatric Consultation Important?

Children are the foundation of the nation. Child healthcare is the topmost priority which is associated with many lives. In recent years, the focus has shifted to improve the healthcare of children. India is accountable for providing the healthcare facilities for the birth of 25 million children every year. The Indian government has launched various child healthcare programs under National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) that improves child’s survival and addresses factors that contribute to infants and under-five mortality. Under-five mortality rate measures the stats of a child’s survival before turning five. 

For the health care of children, pediatrics is the concerned domain. Pediatrics is a branch of medical science dealing in the medical care of the lives of infants to the age of 12 years. A pediatrician provides medication for medically ill children and the preventive measures to fit and healthy children as well. Tele medication facilitates primary care specialties for children from various regions across the country. 

Reasons to Visit a Pediatrician 

Parents are often conflicted if they should visit a pediatrician or a family practitioner. Pediatricians emphasize the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of the children. For several reasons, you should visit a pediatrician:

  • Well-being

Infants cannot express their medical complications and it is extremely important for the parents to know the abnormality in their child if any. In the first week of the birth, infants should be taken under surveillance for health analysis. On average, pediatricians take 30 minutes to provide healthcare reports of the infants. A conclusive analysis for the wellness of the newborn is necessary for their growth and development. 

  • Advice on nutrition consumption

Child healthcare not only triggers immunization and routine checkups but also ensures adequate nutrition intake for proper growth. The children under the pediatric age range are picky about eating which likely skips many nutrients from their diet. Great pediatricians ensure children consume recommended nutrients regularly. 

  • Behavioral concerns

Child behavior is always a point of concern. Abrupt behavioral divergence of the children creates problematic situations for the parents. In most cases, children need the attention of a specialist. Well-versed pediatricians understand the pain points and immediately assist with the physical or medical care. 

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Rural and Urban Challenges During COVID

India is a developing nation; however, the challenge of providing access to healthcare in rural areas is still a challenge. COVID has exacerbated the difficulties for the children experiencing malnutrition and domestic violence in rural areas. Lockdown measures have taken away the opportunities of social exposure of children leading to social detachment. To a varying extent, poverty is a crucial factor in the treatment of children. 

On the contrary, medi-care facilities also have bottle-necks in urban localities. Preventive steps taken during COVID has halted the medi-care services for children everywhere. 

Either congenital deformities or temporarily developed illnesses, professional medical practitioners are proactively participating in providing tele-medication. Leveraging advanced technologies, Healpha is prospering lives towards healthy and happy living.

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