Health Concerns in Workforce and Remedial Approaches

Workforce is the backbone of every organization. Jovial employees are more likely to meet deadlines, make sales and build the brand name via affirmative customer alliances. To ensure timely consummation of work, employers need to understand that consistent employee performances are indispensable. The strength, weakness, and potential administration gaps in a company largely depend upon the pace of its workforce. Organizations must ascertain a healthy workplace environment for maximum productivity.

A 2017 Times Job study revealed that as many as 80% of the working professionals are overworked! Working for extra hours can be considered lucid in lieu of stringent deadlines. However, we cannot rule out the adverse effects that exhaustion can lead to. It has been observed that excessive workload can take a toll on the employees’ health. A sad, stressed-out, and unwell workforce will result in reduced innovations, increased absenteeism, and lower productivity.

Let’s have a closer look at 3 major health issues facing the workforce and employee benefits that can keep productivity unscathed.


A 2016 study disclosed that 31.7% of the total workforce were identified as victims of hypertension! High blood pressure (or hypertension) poses a major threat to heart diseases, strokes, peripheral vascular diseases, kidney failure, diabetes, and impaired vision. 25-30 million working professionals are diabetic and 3 out of every 1000 of them suffer a stroke. An increase in blood pressure levels further escalates the risks of these afflictions. Hypertension might even cause cost implications to an organization.

Employees with hypertension significantly recorded a higher loss of productivity. It is imperative to get regular check-ups scheduled for employees. Doing so can prevent severe medical conditions. A healthy workforce is directly proportional to enhanced efficiency. Healpha  quality medicare services in organizations for early detection and prevention from ailments that tend to lower the workforce productivity.


Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (or COPD) impacts the efficacy of working hours and employee presence in a workforce. Frequent respiratory infections, fatigue, and peripheral muscle weakness are some of the most common symptoms of this chronic ailment. COPD is typically caused due to obstructed airflow to the lungs because of excessive smoking. However, non-smokers can also fall prey to this health condition as a result of increased pollution levels.

A healthy, productive and engaged workforce is certain to fetch better results for their organization. Healpha conducts pre-employment & annual health check-ups in the office premises 24*7 for convenient availability of doctors. This 365-day health support ensures immediate attention to any medical emergency facing the employees during working hours.

Anxiety, stress and depression

Depression ranks among the top three workforce problems facing employee assistance. A survey conducted by the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA) showed that a surprising 55% of work stress is a result of stern deadlines. The State of Health in America 2021 survey recorded a 62% increase in the number of working professionals seeking help for depression from the previous year to this one. Workplace depression can lead to mental & physical health concerns, absenteeism, and decreased or no productivity.

The Electronic Health Records (EHRs) at Healpha help employees maintain a record of their regular check-ups along with wellness and nutrition sessions. With the prevailing scenario of COVID, we also offer unlimited teleconsultation by physicians to patients from the comfort of their homes. The e-prescriptions and digital smart clinics aim at making healthcare accessible and affordable to the workforce.

At Healpha, our team of expert professionals endeavors to provide the best-in-class medical facilities to employees within the organizational premises. This maintains the productivity levels and encourages the workforce to work with 100% efficiency.

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