Tips & Tricks for the Most Efficient Teleconsultation

The global pandemic has transformed the practice of medication and palliative care considerably. Amidst the ongoing scenario of COVID, telemedicine has emerged as a critical technology to bring medical care to patients virtually. Online doctor consultation is one of the most effective approaches to reduce the transmission of the deadly virus.

An efficacious way of getting a diagnosis, treatment plan, and medication from the comfort of your home, tele-medication can either be a voice call or a video call between the patient and their healthcare provider. Here are a few tips and tricks to ensure you have the most fulfilling teleconsultation experience. 

Pick a quiet place for the consultation 

A virtual consultation demands your full attention so it is absolutely essential to pick a place that’s free from distractions and chaotic noises. Since you are not sitting across the table with your doctor, it is easy to miss out on important details. 

Avoid loud rooms or sitting in a place that attracts too much noise from the streets. Eliminating distractions during the virtual consultation ensures that all your concerns are conveyed to the doctor with utmost clarity. Inform your family member or colleagues beforehand so you can sit in peace and there are no unforeseen calls to distract you. 

Also, make sure you sit in a spot with good lighting that illuminates you well for efficient diagnosis. 

Vote For the Note 

For the doctor to be able to prescribe the best medicine and treatment for you, you must open up your entire case in front of them over voice or video call. How else would the doctor come to know what medication would suit you best? 

Treat your virtual appointment as a regular visit and clarify any doubt you have regarding your condition, symptoms, dosage, or anything else that is bothering you. Note down all your queries beforehand so that you do not miss out upon asking something in your session.

Organized Medical Documentation Is Key 

Keeping your medical history handy while sitting for a virtual doctor consultation is vital. Respect the doctor’s time – he has other patients to see! Also, if the doctor does not know your medical history well, how would he prescribe you further medication? 

Whether you are visiting the same physician again or you’re taking a second opinion from a different doctor, keeping all documents ready before the teleconsultation session will help you big time. The doctor will be able to prescribe you medication properly if they’ll be knowing your case history and chronic problems. 

Healpha is like an online safebox to store all your medical information so you can live paper and worry-free. It also makes it easier for your consulting doctor to go through your records systematically. 

Make sure you have a stable internet

A high-speed internet connection and video access via a laptop, tablet, or smartphone allow for better coordination with your healthcare provider. You may use a white bedsheet to create a background that is not distracting for your doctor. This ensures you are in the 

center of the doctor’s focus. A solid white or light-colored background also gives a true representation of your appearance for better analysis. 

To avoid any technical glitches in the middle of your online doctor consultation, take care of the following ahead of time for a hassle-free teleconsultation:

  • Log in to your scheduled appointment early
  • Check that your webcam is hitting your eye level
  • Ensure the proper working of your audio and video
  • Check your microphone, sound, and volume to ensure nothing is muted

Healpha provides its patients utmost privacy, security, accountability, and support. Whatever information you share with the doctors, remains safe and secure in our system records. Serving a more convenient way of healthcare amidst the ongoing pandemic, we promise you to give the best of teleconsultation services.

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