Online Gynecologists Consultation – Are They Good Enough?

More often than not, women’s sexual health and fertility issues have been kept on the back foot. The stigma surrounding female sexuality has remained pervasive ever since. They can have serious negative consequences which can even put women’s lives at risk. Even in the 21st century, there are still taboos around women menstruating and visiting gynecologists regarding their sexual health & fertility. A 2018 study conducted by IPSOS, revealed that as many as 24% of the female respondents had never visited a gynecologist! 

Women still don’t have access to hygiene products, especially in the fringes and rural areas of the country. Public toilets are also scarce which conditions women from a very young age to hold in urination – A leading cause for UTIs. At Healpha we are working towards leveraging the wave of digitization to bring relief to women while chipping away stigmas gradually. 

The Recommended Frequency of Visit 

Women should visit a gynecologist every year for a regular checkup if they are between the ages of 21 and 29. Beyond the age of 45 years, it is a must for women to get a pap smear done every year apart from their regular checkups. 

Apart from regular visits, you must see a gynecologist immediately if you face any issues. Unfortunately, the raging pandemic has made it a challenge for women to make quick visits. Women in remote areas also get limited access to quality, non-judgemental and safe care for their sexual and reproductive health. With our online doctor consultations, we provide proactive care to cure ailments and boost women’s sexual and reproductive health. 

Still on the fence about an online gynecologist consultation

Let’s give you a detailed analysis of the benefits you can reap from it. 

Unparalleled privacy

Our expert doctors understand the growing need for privacy and so do we. The details shared by patients during the consultation are completely confidential and are never shared without the patient’s consent. We are making the most of advanced technology for enhanced data safety. Your information is stored with utmost security. You’re just one call away from getting access to the best gynecologist at any hour of the day.

Never lose track of your medical information 

Maintaining medical history efficiently is easier than ever with online consultations. Your medical documents such as prescriptions, lab test reports, and likes are kept in our digital library safely. You can travel to any corner of the world without any worries! You can get access to your medical information with just a few taps on the keyboard. Lost prescriptions? Not anymore! 

This also gives doctors a very clear idea of what issues they are dealing with and makes the most efficient use of their time by presenting information in an organized, digital interface. 

Your Best Aid at Times of Trouble 

There’s no denying the accuracy and precision of a traditional physical examination by a gynecologist. However, at times women experience emergencies that require immediate attention. These situations cannot wait for you to apply for emergency leaves, or wait a day to get an appointment, or for the sun to rise even! From vaginal itching & burning to period cramps & false labor pains during pregnancy, emergencies can arise at any given time. During such times, online consultation with a 

gynecologist acts as the first aid. They can suggest immediate remedies for:

  • STDs & STIs
  • Urinary infection
  • Vaginal itching or dryness
  • Issues with menopause and periods
  • Pregnancy and contraception issues

If you find yourself in such a situation, always consider online consultation instead of self-diagnosing. Checking your symptoms and browsing for remedies on the internet might worsen your case even further. In case you want to opt for natural remedies, make sure you first discuss them with an expert gynecologist to prevent yourself from unnecessary risks.

Convenient follow-ups

Online appointments and consultations allow you fairly easy follow-ups. Since all your medical records and data are stored safely and securely, the gynecologist can go through your reports beforehand. Thus, ensuring a precise and quick consultation. For busy women, this is the perfect solution. Catch up with the best gynecologist between meetings, from the airport, or in the middle of the night when your schedule allows for it. No hassle of traveling, waiting in queues, or struggling to make space for a long appointment. What more? You get all of these amazing benefits at an extremely reasonable price. 

At Healpha, you can book an appointment or schedule a follow-up with our expert gynecologists at your convenience. With complete access to all your medical records, we promise to maintain absolute privacy and provide you with the best assistance with all concerns related to your sexual and reproductive health. 

You really don’t have a reason to skip your gynecologist appointment anymore, do you?

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